"For the 2017 edition of the self-declared 'fiercely independent' fest, the programming was eco-friendly, class-conscious, gender-aware and racially sensitive — a fitting environment for the handful of host towns surrounding the area." - Variety

"Honoring the young and the old, endorsing community, advocating inspiration and lauding humanitarian gestures — all sentiments that sum up Woodstock and its 'Fiercely Independent' film festival quite well." - Hollywood Reporter

"It's a great festival... It's what a film festival should be, which is really independent films and showcasing the work of filmmakers you might not know about, I love that, and Woodstock is a town that goes hand and hand with that. I can't think of another place that seems better suited to have an independent film festival than Woodstock." –Paul Rudd, actor

"It’s a festival that I always love coming to. l tell all my filmmaking friends, you gotta go to Woodstock. It's the most fun, it's a great atmosphere, the films are great and it's the perfect time of year to come."
-Rob Meyer, director, Little Boxes (2016)

"The Woodstock Film festival is among the finest of a dying breed: a festival that isn't trying to sell you anything, but simply and beautifully celebrating the art & craft of filmmaking." -Ethan Hawke, actor

"The Woodstock Film Festival continues to be the best! It encompasses all that is great about film festivals: New and cutting-edge talent, enthusiastic and engaged audiences, and a warm and welcoming vibe – all with the gorgeous Hudson River Valley as a backdrop. It's a must for filmmakers."  -Barbara Kopple, Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker

"It's been really special to have all these cinephiles come together to celebrate in such a beautiful place." -Eden Epstein, actor, Blind (2016)

"Woodstock Film Festival: The best curated shorts program I've been to!"-Tim Guinee, director, One Armed Man (2014)

"After going to several festivals this year, I still think [the Woodstock Film Festival] is the best, friendliest, most congenial...and independent."-Gene Fischer, director, Passing Ellenville (2014)

“The Woodstock Film Festival is always a pleasure to attend, and the talent that is showcased always amazes me. It's a wonderful and important showcase for any independent filmmaker.”-Steve Buscemi, actor, The Messenger (2009)

"Had a blast and can't wait to come back. Woodstock Film Fest is not a place to buy or sell films… it’s just a great place to watch them and talk about them with other indie film fans. It’s really pure in that way."
-Mark Duplass, writer/actor, Creep (2014)

"I'm really impressed with the audiences at this festival. They are very present, really intelligent, and emotionally rooted. It was nice to have a dialogue with them. It feels good. [...] So far, this seems like a great festival. It's my first time here in Woodstock. They just popped my cherry, so thank you."-Ben Foster, actor, The Messenger (2009)

"I cannot thank you enough for having us as part of your extraordinarily wonderful festival. We had such a great time and made so many friends. The audiences were smart and fantastic. As were our hosts at our beautiful home. I am sad it's over.  I am grateful to you for this experience." -Harris Doran, Beauty Mark (2017)

"I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful film festival. You and your team have done a remarkable job. Everyone was so helpful, warm and passionate. A beautiful atmosphere. The audiences were very invested and enthusiastic, and that’s testament to the love they have for the festival. I’m very happy and grateful to have had the North American premier of the Traveller here." -Hadi Ghandour, The Traveller (2017) 

"Thank you so much for having us at the festival.  It was so much fun!  It was an honor to be a part of it.  We had a fantastic time.  All your people were so cool and the vibe of the whole festival was inclusive, unpretentious, loving and supportive!   It was the best."
-Kevin Tent, Crash Pad (2017)

"I love the fact that there is in Woodstock a film festival and I love the fact that it's now been for 16 years.And what it does is it opens the door to this art and probably to others as well..." –Philippe Petit, subject of The Walk (2015)


"Our screening of Cold November at your festival was one of the most magical screenings for any film that I've ever had. There really is no other way to describe it other than magical. I cried in new places at my own movie that I have seen over 100 times. Thank you." -Karl Jaocbs, Cold November (2017)

"Thanks so much for inviting us to the Woodstock Film Festival! It has been a great experience, very inspiring to watch such great films and wonderful to enjoy such amazing panels... Thanks so much for the hospitality and wishing you all the best for the future editions of the festival." -Sandra Vannucchi, Girl in Flight (2017)

"I had a terrific time there and loved the joyful vibe of the festival. Such a pleasure. And the audiences were so smart and enthusiastic. I look forward to coming back. Thanks for all your hard work and for planning it out so expertly." -Richard Levine, Submission (2017)

“I first attended the 10th annual Woodstock Film festival with The Messenger in 2009 and I distinctly remember the feeling I had that night; it was a coming home of sorts to a bastion of independent thinkers and creative artists.”
-Oren Moverman, director of The Dinner (2016)


"The Woodstock Film Festival is a gift to filmmakers, film lovers and people in the film industry. Year after year, you program great movies, great panels and great music. I appreciate the festival's intimacy, in the charming town of Woodstock - and how engaged your audiences are." -Lisa Gossels, juror and filmmaker

"For its commitment to the independent spirit alone Woodstock remains one of the stand out festivals on the American circuit. Add to it the loose, completely genuine intimacy that permeates the whole event and you've got a fantastic festival. My experience there this year with Down In Shadowland was inspiring. I found audiences open, generous and keenly attentive to the films. This sensibility extends to the staff of the entire festival and I'm certain it comes from the top."  -Tom DiCillo, director of Down in Shadowland (2014)

"Fiercely Independent means that you are permitted to make the film that you want to make, that you don't have to listen to the confines of a studio system or have other interests impose their vision over the kind of film you're making. It means that you and a bunch of spirited collaborators can go out and just share the story that you wish to put together...Without film festivals such as the Woodstock Film Festival, the level of filmmaking would just keep going down...[it's] what's keeping the spirit of indie filmmaking alive..." -Gregory Bray, P.h.D, Digital Media, Film & Video Studies, SUNY New Paltz

“We were blown away by the enthusiastic turnout and love how [the Woodstock Film Festival] allows the time and space for an extensive Q&A and discussion after each screening. With the many opportunities to network and collaborate with colleagues, Woodstock is truly a filmmaker's festival." -Joseph Muszynski, director, Mahjong & the West (2015)

"It was a very inspiring night. All the independent spirit that was here touched me and inspired me. So thank you, Woodstock, for that, and I go home with some new energy." -Darren Aronofsky, Honorary Maverick Award recipient (2014)

"I've been very fortunate and lucky...I have an Oscar, I have an Emmy, I have a couple of Sundance things and I pushed them over and I put that [Woodstock Film Festival] Maverick Award right in the middle!" -Leon Gast, Academy Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Woodstock: A Love Poem (2016)

"To say that my experience at WFF felt like a dream would sound absurdly cheesy. But if the dream was described like a surprise party in an old radio station at the peek of fall, where you premiere your documentary film, before finding yourself having burgers and beer with Leon Gast at a local pub, after spotting two black bears crossing the road at dusk, whilst reconvening with an old friend from junior high (who also happens to have a film in the festival) and on and off you sit in the filmmaker lodge by cozy fires where vats of oatmeal and chili stay hot all day, then after all that, you get presented with two maverick awards by incredibly talented filmmaker heroes - maybe then it's less cheesy." –Treva Wurmfeld, director of Shepard & Dark

"We drove up to Woodstock last Thursday to present Arcadia, truly looking forward to a weekend of fall weather and independent films. I woke up early the first morning after a long night of eating, drinking (maybe just a tad too much) and meeting interesting people at the opening night party. We headed over to Onteora High School to screen Arcadia as part of Career Day, but my plans to arrive on time were foiled by a bridge closing, with no obvious way to get across the creek. We were clearly no longer in NYC. Growing steadily more anxious as the clock ticked away, I finally realized that a small, dirt side road was actually not a dead end, unlike the sign proclaimed. I arrived just in time for the q&a to a packed house of high school students. They asked intelligent questions, which continued during the Career Day portion of the event: along with director Arturo Pons, editor Michael Taylor and others, we spoke about our half-crazy, half-liberating choices to devote years of our lives to making films. The students were engaged and inspiring themselves, explaining how they were already making films and video journals. They seemed to know approximately 10 times more than I did back in high school. Later that weekend we joined Arcadia DP Eric Lin and actress Kendall Toole for two more screenings, both to nearly sold-out audiences whose feedback and thoughtful questions showed how much they took the film to heart. It made the whole weekend thoroughly memorable, and made me hope to make another film partly just to have the chance to be invited to Woodstock again!" Olivia Silver, director of Arcadia

"It was a real honor to be included in the program, and the projection and sound were great. The audiences were intelligent and we were able to reach some people who really cared about the picture, so thanks. I was very flattered by the write-up of the movie in the program, not to mention the supportive intros before the screenings. The award, of course, is a big deal for us, and will hopefully help propel the movie into 2013... The festival did a great job of making my time there comfortable and fun and convenient, too. I loved the parties, and I loved hanging with Jay Cohen, my host. Hope to be able to see you all again down the road." –Andrew Brotzman, director of Nor'easter

"I just wanted to thank you so much for programming REFUGE in the Woodstock Film Fest. It was pretty wild (and deeply moving) to screen the film in the town I grew up in. The festival seemed so much more fresh and exciting than some of the others I have been to. I'm only sorry I had a job to get back to and couldn't take it in more completely." Jessica Goldberg, Refuge 

"Thank you very much for having us. It was a wonderful weekend. Couldn't have been happier." –Peter Hutchings , Rhymes With Banana

WFF was such an inviting and almost family "welcome" experience to me... I did not feel like a nomad anymore... I talked to so many people." Maciek Godlewski, director of Meet Kevin

"Woodstock was an awesome experience. I want to thank you for accepting our film and doing all the incredible work you do. This was by far the best festival I've participated in." –David Aldrich , Randi Parson, American Luthier

"I do hope you are happy with the festival and have found a little time to relax and take it easy since Sunday night, We saw some really good films, though of course never quite as much as I want to but between Joe, Terry and myself and Matt and Jicky, I think we will have some good coverage." – Tricia Jones (ID Magazine)

"Well, you did it again. I had SUCH a fabulous time at Woodstock, as always. Great films, great parties, great people. We ended up at Carly Hugo's party, and then hanging out with a bunch of great filmmakers at Joe Muszynski's house in Kerhonkson (he did that film Rhymes With Bananas.) It was really great to meet all these new filmmakers, but I'm sorry we missed the awards...My panel went really great; a lot of people came up to me afterwards and said it was really informative, and a great mix of people. It's the best panel I've done in awhile. And Wine Teeth loved the festival and got some great new fans. A couple sitting next to me said it was 'poetry set to music.'" - Danielle DiGiacomo, juror and filmmaker

"Thank you so much for having PAST DUE as part of this year's festival! Kathlyn and I had such a good and positive experience and super proud to have been acknowledged and an award. Till next year."-  Denise Plumb, director of Past Due

"A more personal note to thank you for pushing me with regards to the film playing at Woodstock. You were right, not because we won :) But because the audiences were the best for the film, asked great questions and it was overall a good experience for us." - Amy Hobby, producer of Shepard & Dark

"Thanks so much for a great festival! George and I were thrilled to participate. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. Thanks to you, the team and all the volunteers." -  Michael E. Beller, producer of Idle Threat

"It was such a pleasure meeting you this weekend and having such an incredible experience with our PUTZEL World Premiere! Thank you for your enthusiasm and support and for coming out on Saturday night.. So thrilled with the overwhelming positive response!" -  Allegra Cohen, producer of Putzel

"I just wanted to say thanks very much for having me at the festival. I had come down with a cold and ended up only being able to come for the day of my panel, but I had a wonderful time and thought the panel itself was terrific. The festival has a wonderful atmosphere and feel to it, and it seems like this year's edition was another great success." - David Laub, co-president of Oscilloscope Laboratories

"Hope you are all getting some well-deserved rest. But wanted to tell you that we can't imagine a better place to have premiered PUTZEL. You and your staff were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and super, super nice. It was wonderful to have large audiences made up mostly of locals, who just love film, and breathtaking to do it all in such a beautiful environment. I could go on, but I'll just end by saying thanks for giving us this experience." - Rick Moore, writer of Putzel

"What a wonderful event! Thank YOU." -  Meera Gandhi, CEO Of  The Giving Back Foundation

"Congratulations on another extraordinary festival - you should all be very proud - I know that 98.1 KZE is proud to be a part of it!"  - Paul Higgins (WKZE 98.1FM)

"It was great to be part of the festival this year! Having the video shown as well as playing the closing concert were both great fun." -  Jeremy Bernstein, Another Sky

"One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to go up to the Woodstock Film Festival. The festival staff and volunteers are the perfect hosts. I love how the festival merges film, music, food and engaging conversation to create this fiercely independent, welcoming, exciting and warm event every year, and all in one of the most beautiful settings in upstate NY. The Woodstock Film Festival is just cool. End of story!" -  Isis Bagdadi, juror

"We could not have had a better time. Woodstock is an incredible film festival and we are so honoured to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. It was a delight to share our film with such passionate audiences in a community that embraces independent filmmaking and we are absolutely glowing from winning the Best Feature Narrative Award. Thank you so much for everything!-  Eleanor Burke and Ron Eyal, directors of Strange Things

"Thanks for putting on such a fantastic festival. It was truly the best thus far in my career. The authenticity and welcoming spirit is beyond compare.” - Mike Magidson, director of INUK

"The Woodstock team has created an incredible festival for both audiences and filmmakers alike. We met so many incredibly kind, generous and talented people - it is a testament to you and the organization for making all of this happen. Thank you for including us in your very special event. I will cherish this past week for decades to come and I hope this becomes an annual tradition." - Summer Love, Sounds Like a Revolution

"I had a great time - you have a fantastic community up there.Thanks for making me feel so at home." - Edie Falco, 3 Backyards, Actor's Dialogue

"It was such an honour for me to receive the Maverick award at the Woodstock Film Festival. Also to be a part of a festival run with such enthusiasm and panache, and – most important of all – with such a stimulating choice of films." - Bruce Beresford, 2010 Maverick Award Winner

"The thousands of film buffs that fill the theater seats, the hundreds that volunteer every year, returning year after year, the filmmakers who craft gems from stunning Shorts to riveting features… the face of the Woodstock Film Festival is a collage, a shifting spirit rooted in an artist colony that was born in the early 20th century and in the early 21st century still marginalizes the silliness of pop culture’s obsession with celebrities..."
- Stewart Nussbaumer, Huffington Post

"THANK YOU for putting together another amazing festival! Me and Sturgis had a great time, and we saw some great films! The technical quality of the animation screening was superb!" - Signe Baumane

"I just wanted to say thank you to yourself and everyone in the WFF press office for a fantastic weekend. Everyone was so incredibly helpful and genuinely awesome. It made an already-great festival experience that much better.- Matt Connolly

"What a FANTASTIC festival you put together this year, and I am overjoyed, as always, to have participated. Loved every minute and think the whole thing was brilliant in every way!" - Amy Gossels, juror

"What a fun weekend! Tough to come back to the craziness of The Gothams after all your hospitality, relaxation and terrific all-around vibe of the fest. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate so deeply this year…I had a ball and you know it, but what you all are doing up there is really something special." - Amy Dotson, IFP

"Thanks for a great festival; from start to finish everybody loved it.- Leon Gast

"We enjoyed ourselves a great deal in Woodstock and had the pleasure of seeing some great films... It is always heartening to see a great group of docs selected to begin with. You programmed a wonderful festival." -Joslyn Barnes, Louverture Films

"I cannot tell you how cool that dinner/screening/party was for BITTER FEAST. Thank you so much for making it happen. The feedback on the film has been fabulous!" -Joe Maggio, director of Bitter Feast

"Thank you for giving me and Grace the opportunity to win the audience award. Everyone who worked on it is completely thrilled and it was an honor to be part of the Woodstock Film Festival. Our thanks to your staff and everyone who supported the filmmakers involved in the festival." -Lilly Rivlin and Margaret Murphy, Grace Paley: Collected Shorts

"We had such an amazing time at the festival, and really got to see first hand how people were moved and touched by The Tested." - Melissa B. Miller, Shoebox Pictures

"I was just sitting down this morning to write this thank you note when I saw in my email the AMAZING news that we had won the audience award!! We are walking on air here in Nyack. What a great honor, and frankly, the timing couldn't be better as we are having a screening for distributors in LA tomorrow. We are so grateful, and we were simply blown away by the audience reactions and their enthusiasm and passion not only for our film, but for movies in general!
Melissa and wanted to say thank you all for your kindness and all your help; you made us feel so welcome and you made everything go smoothly and painlessly. I know that putting together and running a festival like this is no easy thing, but you pull it off brilliantly and with grace and good humor.
"We look forward to coming back, and thanks again for giving us such a wonderful experience.

-John Gray & Melissa Jo Peltier, White Irish Drinkers

"I enjoyed the panel a great deal. In particular, your festival attracts a very insightful and enthusiastic audience. I enjoyed hanging around WFF for the second time!" Ray Kurzweil

"I am back in brooklyn but I just wanted to write in and say that I had a wonderful time in Woodstock. We were thrilled to be a part of the festival and our screenings and post screening discussions were engaging and filled with enthusiastic and intelligent questions by the audience, we were glad to have the opportunity to share our film with them." -Vaishali Sinha, Made in India

"I definitely had a great time at the festival. You guys do a wonderful job with everything. The events, the screenings, the volunteers, it's all first-class and very welcoming at the same time. I'm very proud that my short was a little part of it all." - Barton Landsman, Banana Bread

"I am so glad I finally got the opportunity to come up to Woodstock and experience the Festival. I enjoyed it very much. You had terrific people and a great program. And it is an awfully cool town to be in.- Gary Springer

"What a lovely weekend, and great event. I've been to lots of film festivals and yours now tops the list! Can't believe it took me 11 years to get there (we'll blame international travel!).- Jon Bowermaster, SOla

"I want to tell you how impressed, proud, amazed, inspired and invigorated I am by my experience at the festival this year. Over the last decade you have built this into a truly great festival which I say both by putting in the context of all the festivals out there, but also in terms of how it stands on its own, what it means to and reflects upon the community it serves, what it means to and reflects upon the artists and the art it serves and what it means to and reflects upon the filmmaking community as a whole. It's just a straight up, wonderful event that you should be very proud of." - Peter Saraf, Big Beach Films

“The Woodstock Film Festival is always a pleasure to attend, and the talent that is showcased always amazes me. It's a wonderful and important showcase for any independent filmmaker.” - Steve Buscemi

"The Woodstock Film festival is among the finest of a dying breed: a festival that isn't trying to sell you anything, but simply and beautifully celebrating the art & craft of filmmaking." - Ethan Hawke

"I'm really impressed with the audiences at this festival. They are very present, really intelligent, and emotionally rooted. It was nice to have a dialogue with them. It feels good. [...] So far, this seems like a great festival. It's my first time here in Woodstock. They just popped my cherry, so thank you." - Ben Foster, actor, The Messenger

"Congratulations on 10 years of the COOLEST film festival ever!!! We are so proud to be a part of it. You did an amazing job this year. I hope you are getting some rest now...and feeling the love. It was awesome." - Doreen Ringer Ross, BMI

"I'm just really honored to get to join all of you at this great celebration of film and music and community.....can you imagine this world of ours without events like this one? Without films like the ones that are screened here?"- Ted Hope, producer, 2009 HONORARY TRAILBLAZER RECIPIENT

"I just want to thank the Woodstock Film Festival for having me and my film here. This is a wonderful honor, this Maverick Award [...]I just want everyone to raise a toast to all those, which is everyone in this room, who are here for cinema, who are here for those campfires, big and small, of your own making and others. That's what were all doing here, trying to share our collective stories. I'd like to thank all of you for your passion. Thank you." - Richard Linklater, writer/director, 2009 HONORARY MAVERICK RECIPIENT

"Thank you for inviting me to the festival with my first feature. We are all really proud to have been able to screen it there. More importantly, it's a true honor to have won the Best Feature Award and my editor was ecstatic for winning the Best Editing Award. We are both really grateful because we know the caliber of film folks you bring to the festival to select, program and judge these films." - Cruz Angeles, Don't Let Me Drown 

"You brought together the BEST of the BEST when it comes to people in our creative community! I loved every minute of my time up at WFF and miss it already... and I'm hearing the same from all the filmmakers and actors I know who were also there."- Amy Gossels, juror for Best Shorts

"I love the Woodstock Film Festival. I think it's great that it has been ten years. It's fiercely independent. It's a great place to come. It attracts interesting people. I think it allows filmmakers, critics, actors, and actresses to hang out in a very protective and stimulating environment." - Thelma Adams, film writer

"I love it here...There are more artists per capita than anywhere in the world. There are painters, writers, dancers, directors, musicians, actors. Woodstock is the place to be if you are a creative artist." - Giancarlo Esposito, actor/director, WFF 2009 Awards emcee

"It's a brand new experience, I've never been here before. I said after the screening, this audience completely surprised me in the intensity of their response to my film. [...] A lot of the basic intellectual and cultural ideas, were ideas that formed most of these people here. They have a mind and a power of their own. They could possibly change the world. It's the Woodstock experience. It's kind of cool to be back here and touch that again. I haven't felt like this since high school." - Tom Dicillo, When You're Strange: The Doors

"We all had a terrific time in Woodstock. I'm so happy I finally got up there. Woodstock is just a really magical place, we stayed in an incredible home, The festival was extremely impressive, its really grown into something!" - Emily Russo, Co-Founder of Zeitgeist Films

"Thank you for creating a lively, human-scaled, cinema passionate, local and City people, weekend in the country. It's really inspiring. Well done." - Ira Sachs, Married Life, 40 Shades of Blue

"I had a wonderful time I had at Woodstock. It was my first film festival and was an amazing experience for me. Everyone I met was so nice and every film I saw was great. [...] I'm now inspired to submit my film to a few other festivals, although I'm sure none will have the warmth and spirit Woodstock does. I can't wait to come back." - Miranda Rhyne, The 4th of July Parade

"I had such a wonderful time at the festival, thanks so much for inviting me and my film! I would be happy to come back any time, believe me." - Katherine Dieckmann, Motherhood

"I had a blast and would certainly participate again. I had no idea Woodstock was a hip Brigadoon. I look forward to a return visit." -  James Hughes,  Ph.D (Redesiging Humanity)

"We had an amazing time there at the festival. Eddie (Junior) is still on cloud 9! It was such a perfect place for the film to be seen. Your fest is so intimate and laid back...hats off to you guys!" - Jenna Rosher (Junior)

"I was actually just going to write you again and say what an absolute honor it was to be at your festival! I am overwhelmed. Please thank everyone there for making it such a wonderful experience." - Liliana Greenfield-Sanders, director of Adelaide

"Thanks again for inviting me and my film to be a part of this wonderful festival. It was a pleasure to be able to kick off the festival run for "Path Lights" under the best of screening conditions and most importantly with the warm, engaged and sold out audience. Everyone had a wonderful weekend and Tom and I look forward to being able to come back with our feature in the near future. Congratulations on another festival well done and thank you for supporting and acknowledging such fine work across the board." Zachary Sluser, director of Path Lights

"There were some marvelous films and a lot of good people. I know that because of the economy, many film festivals were not as successful as usual, but all the movies I went to were packed and having Woody Harrelson, Steve Buscemi, Ben Foster, Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman and many other directors, producers and filmmakers here made it most successful. You can be very proud of the whole event. I am very happy that I am able to be a part of this. It is a wonderful thing for Woodstock and very much in keeping with its long tradition of applauding and nurturing talent and the arts."-  Pamela Marvin

"Nathan and I had a wonderful time at WFF and we really thought you guys put on a terrific festival . . . And kudos to the programming staff. Every film I saw I enjoyed. You have a great staff and amazing volunteers." - John Bryant, director of The Overbrook Brothers

"I can't thank you enough for inviting me to play "First Time Long Time" at the Woodstock Film Festival. Everyone I met at the festival, from organizers and volunteers to audience members and fellow filmmakers, were of exceptional spirit and hospitality. I was fortunate to see quite a few panels and films, and I find an inspiration from it that I really can't find elsewhere. Also gratifying to me was that quite a few on staff had seen the film and were kind enough to tell me they enjoyed it. I look forward to returning to Woodstock in the future." - James Demo, director of First Time, Long Time

"I was very moved and energized by the event, by what you have achieved and by what you will achieve in the future. It was a wonderful experience for all of us. The quality of the projection and sound was fantastic and the audience was generous and very smart. The "culture" of the Woodstock Film Festival embraces an artful emerging cinema beyond the constraints the mainstream." - Richard Kroehling (2B)

"There are a lot of film festivals but I think that the Woodstock Film Festival really champions independent film and that's why I like it. For some films, festivals like this are the only way an audience will actually see it. I'm always honored when the Woodstock Film Festival includes any film that I'm in."- Steve Buscemi, Actor, The Messenger and Youth In Revolt

“The Woodstock Film Festival stands for what humanity should strive for…Get out there and use your art to express good, human things and denounce and expose all the lies and deceptions that have become a part of our life.” - Haskell Wexler

"There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of regional film festivals. Woodstock stands out for its commitment to independent filmmaking and for the fact that it's in Woodstock, which people associate with a particular spirit and attitude." - James Schamus, Focus Features

"Loved it, so fun all aspects. Honor to be involved and everyone so appreciative. Great time."-  Stephen Hays, 120dB Films

"Congratulations on your triumphant success... We really had a blast the entire weekend so thank you for making it possible. Seeing really is believing, and now I am a complete convert. What a fantastic asset you have built for the town of Woodstock... You’ve brought a whole new group of innovative, accomplished artists to Woodstock, which is 100% in synch with the town’s heritage." - Steve Cambron, Time Magazine

"We're at the end of a brief but fun weekend for the 9th annual Woodstock Film Festival in upstate New York. The weather was crisp, the films were good, and the vibe was electric.... the festival weekend was marked by familiar faces, fun dinner parties, great conversation, and a little karaoke. I felt very lucky to witness the birth of autumn from such a great locale. And, the atmosphere of the Woodstock Film Festival is wonderfully communal." - Matt Dentler, Head of Marketing and Programming, Cinetic Media/Cinetic Rights Management

"Woodstock is also a great festival with amazing staff and volunteers who really go the extra mile to make you feel at home. The film program was great as well..."-  Brian Newman, CEO of the Tribeca Film Institute

"We had a blast! I only wish we could have hung out and watched films and interacted more with everyone."-  Bela Fleck, subject of Throw Down Your Heart

"AWESOME TIME!!! Best Festival!!! THANK U SO MUCH! Much love and peace to all of you!!!!What a wonderful time!!"-  Mark Weber, director of Explicit Ills

"I wanted to drop you a line, on behalf of all of us, to extend our gratitude to you. Woodstock was truly a wonderful experience and your efforts played a tremendous role in the terrific time that we had. Thanks so much for great accommodations (we will be staying in touch with Roz and Bob!) and for finding us such a great view (I'll miss the mornings there)! As I've said to everyone so far - we feel like we have new extended families. Woodstock was such a pleasure and we are all the better for it! (The award was pretty cool, too!)" - Darren Dean, producer of Prince of Broadway

"Had a wonderful time and hope to participate again." - Gavin O'Connor, director of Pride and Glory

"On behalf of Jeremiah and myself, I wanted to thank you for the INCREDIBLE experience this past weekend. We are still recovering, I can barely move... We had a terrific time at the festival and we are very grateful for the awards and all of the good vibes. Thanks again for having us and for making it so much fun. You guys were all so helpful and good to us, we truly appreciate it. I also wanted to commend the programming. Every movie I saw at the festival was great! "Look forward to doing it again in the future!" - Jeremy Yaches, producer of In a Dream

"Woodstock is by far my favorite festival." - Kief Davidson, director of Kassim the Dream

"Thank you so much for your hospitality while I was at the festival. The house that we stayed at was magnificent and the experience of showing at Woodstock was really great. What a beautiful town with great energy. Thanks again for letting us be a part of it. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon."  - Adrian Willis, director of All Together Now

"I had such a wonderful time and it was amazing to finally get a chance to attend - and what a great line up of films and a beautiful atmosphere to celebrate them in. Thanks so much! i hope this is the start of many future visits!" - PJ Paval, Trinidad

"Congrats on another great festival and I hope to finish another film sometime soon so I can make it back up there." - Sascha Paladino, director of Throw Down Your Heart

"Had a superb time there and I want to thank you all, for making it one of the great events of life, at least for me! You all really know how to treat the indies and there is a palpable good vibe about the place."- Paul H-O, Guest of Cindy Sherman

"I carried away the sweetest memories from WFF! THANK YOU! The awards ceremony was a blast - the most entertaining event ever! It was amazing!" - Signe Baumane, director of Teat Beat of Sex

"Mark and I really enjoyed the fest and both of our screenings. Thanks for having us and PRESSURE COOKER - it was a wonderful place to screen the film."  - Jennifer Grausman,  director of Pressure Cooker

"I genuinely had an great time in Woodstock, everyone was incredibly kind and helpful and it was a real honor to have been selected to play there. I definitely hope to come back next year." - Chris Ciancimino, director of Edge of Town

"Thank you again for inviting 'Fifty Cents" into the festival. I had a great time and without a doubt, it's the best festival I've ever attended. Extremely well run and the staff was great!" - Phil Botti, director of  Fifty Cents

"I just wanted to congratulate you on a great festival. I was truly impressed with the crowds and the caliber of the panelists. You also had the perfect setting in that I never saw Woodstock look so enchanting. All that and I managed to see 'Prince of Broadway' which I really loved." -  Kathleen Caroll

"I just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for a great festival. I had a great time and your town is beautifull. Great films and great people. I loved strolling in Birdclyffe admiring the gorgeous different cabins, and picking wich one I would take for myself. All the best and I look forward to come back with another film." - Diego Ongaro, director of Return from Labradoria

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work this past weekend, it truly was the best time ever." -  Michael Vincent, director of Dream Girl

"I had a great time at Woodstock. Met some cool filmmakers and saw some awesome films. I'm still psyched that I got to meet Haskell Wexler and Ang Lee on the same night. You and all of the staff of the WFF did a great job in making us feel included in the festival." - Andrew Maclean, director of Sikumi

"Andrew and I both had a fantastic time. You and your entire staff were so welcoming and interested. You really take care of your filmmakers and it makes all the difference in the world. Having some coffee and wireless at Colony Café before starting a day of watching films is just about all I need. We actually got to relax and just enjoy being there and meeting people." - Cara Marcous, producer of  Sikumi

"Hey, gang. Saturday was a blast, thank you for having us up. It was a gas and we are always pumped to come up to your neck of the woods, whether to rock or write." - Miles Solay, Outernational

"It was the nicest festival experience I had this year. The festival is well programmed and beautifuly run... I look forward to returning in 2008." Ted Sarandos– Chief Content Officer, Netflix Inc.

"I've covered and participated in many festivals, and Woodstock is unique in its combination of cinematic sophistication, user-friendly scale and down-home hospitality. It's arguably the closest thing the East Coast has to the Telluride Film Festival, the ne plus ultra of North American boutique festivals. Both have super-intelligent programming and draw a who-who' of independent filmmaking because of their reputations for collegial conviviality, yet both are small enough to all filmgoers and filmmakers to intermingle free throughout the weekend." -  Godfrey Cheshire, Moving Midway in The New York Times

"What makes Woodstock special is that it puts an emphasis squarely on celebrating films and filmmakers as opposed to the velvet-rope attitude that you find at a lot of the larger festivals. There's a great community and audience in Woodstock who are just as interested in progressive and social causes as in the craft of film. You really feel that they are receptive to hearing what your film has to say and finding out how to get involved." - Hugo Perez, Neither Memory, Nor Magic in The New York Times

"Every year the festival attracts a shockingly strong number of outstanding films, filmmakers and panelists of the highest caliber. It is so important to have these festivals as outposts of our most vital art forms. They bring the best of our cinematic culture to areas that don't always have access to these kinds of films. But above all, it is the intimacy and relationships developed between filmmakers and within the industry that makes Woodstock so special. It is a festival for people who love independent film, through and through, and the bonds one make there are unique because of that fact." - Jason Kliot, Open City Films

"The Woodstock Film Festival is a delight for the creative spirit. It has all the energy of the big time show biz spectacles while remaining full of true integrity."  - Steve Guttenberg

"Thanks a million for a great festival." - Molly Thompson - A&E Indie Films

"Thanks again for the great festival and hospitality- we had a great time. awesome audience!" -  Michele Ohayon, director of Steal and Pencil for Me

"Many thanks for inviting us to your wonderful festival ~ it truly embodies the spirit of what makes a film festival a celebration of talent and a cross-section of perspectives and we were proud to participate! Cheers!" - Chiemi Karasawa, Producer of Billy the Kid

"Los Angeles is really, really depressing now! Thanks... Honestly, I had such a wonderful time. I cannot begin to thank you all enough. What a wonderful festival you put on. And your programming... Wow. Very provocative. Everything was just great. The films, the staff and volunteers, the town, the venues, the parties."- Gregg Brown, director of Shrinks

"Thanks again for such an excellent festival experience. Our screenings were full, with great audiences. The projection quality was great. Such a charming festival. Congratulations and thanks for letting us be a part of it." -  Zachary Sluser, director of Who You Know

"I hope you know and can feel deep down what a tremendous success the festival was! You have brought such a gift to all of us by creating it and nurturing it into what has become a world class festival." - Amy Gossels, juror

"Thank you so much for a great festival experience! i really felt taken care of while up at woodstock. i hope that i get to experience it again soon. you and meira put together a wonderful program and events. there were so many great films to see and panels - i wished i could have split myself into a few people." -  Stephanie Fischette, director of Honored

“We've always been big supporters of the festival. The people who attend the festival are real lovers of cinema... They are really passionate about the films themselves, and not just the movie stars who surround the films. Considering that the festival has been around such a short time, the festival organizers have been able to achieve something phenomenal.” -  Jonathan Sehring, president of IFC Entertainment (from Variety interview)

"I just wanted to thank you for putting together the best festival I have ever been to. I just had an incredible time. The films -- amazing; the parties - so much fun; the landscape, environment, people -- also amazing. And the panel, extremely interesting." - Danielle DiGiacomo, Documentary Film Coordinator, Indiepix

"I enjoyed myself immensely, as always. Congrats on another very successful festival. Thanks for having me." -  Bingham Ray, IFC Films

"Congratulations on the success of your wonderful festival." -  Allen Coulter, director of Hollywoodland

"Thank you so much for everything - I had a wonderful time and was truly honored to receive the Trailblazer award - the news about the reception for AFTER THE WEDDING is the icing on the cake ! Thank you and everyone else again for everything."Jonathan Sehring, president of IFC Entertainment

"The Woodstock Film Festival is the most real festival I’ve ever been to.”Barbara Kopple, Academy Award winning filmmaker and the upcoming Shut Up & Sing

"This just has a wonderful charm. [Other film festivals] tend to mutate, and the idea here is to get together with the community. It's like being in a friend's kitchen. If it's not, Woodstock should be on the National Register for real Americana towns. With this festival, it's sticking its head above the surface."  – David Strathairn, Academy-Award nominated actor

"Thank you so much for your generous hospitality and warm welcome in Woodstock. The experience was very meaningful for me, and for my collaborators and family who were in attendance. Thank you especially for having so many of us in your midst. I felt we had quite a group. It really was a great US premiere for us, I also would like to thank you for the suggestions you gave me in distribution. Distribution or even some form of exhibition remains a huge challenge for the independent filmmaker, and it seems to me Woodstock helps form that missing link between film and audience. The feedback on the street, in restaurants, from the community was particularly touching. In an effort to return some of that kindness I gave a ticket to our Rhinebeck screening to a young cashier at the local health food store... Having this kind of encouragement from your audience is part of what makes Woodstock unique and alluring. I do hope to return in future years to Woodstock, it would be a great pleasure." David Gow, co-director of Steel Toes

"Just wanted drop a line to you saying thanks. It's a great festival all round. It's perfectly programmed, organized and executed. You and your staff are fantastic, brilliant and kind. I loved everything about it. Great people , conversations, connections and really great films. I don't have Meira's email address but please relay my utmost gratitude and admiration. You can be sure that every film I make from now to eternity will be submitted to Woodstock first. I love you guys. From the bottom of my heart thank you."  – Mark Adam, co-director of Steel Toes

"I should be the one thanking you for taking a film like Steel Toes and enabling it to be seen in such an amazing festival.   Thank you for your warmth and hospitality; it really was a memorable experience. many thanks to you guys and the rest of the festival gang who helped out." Andrew Walker, actor, Steel Toes

"This weekend was absolutely enchanting. Thank you for putting together a weekend of encouragement for all who attended. You all deserve the greatest round of applause."Jason Etter, Buffalo Dreams

"I only wish I could have stayed longer.  Everyone’s professionalism showed every step of the way... my film looked great at both screenings!  The response was terrific and I’ll always value and recall fondly my first experience at Woodstock."  – Jeff Lipsky, director of Flannel Pajamas

"Thank you so much for inviting HEAVENS FALL to this year's Woodstock Film Festival. Your entire staff was professional, gracious and made me feel at home. I had a wonderful time in the Catskills and look forward to visiting again soon. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help promote next year's festival. You guys are the best!"Terry Green, director of Heavens Fall

"On behalf of our film, Autumn's Eyes, I wanted to kindly thank you for your support and incredible hospitality this past weekend.  Apart from the wonderful screenings and provoking audience Q&A's, the "too much fun- too much wine" parties, and the warm and helpful staff- I truly enjoyed waking up to deer wandering in golden leaves in front of our cottage, hitchhiking to town, and beginning a new day with the festival.   (I would be lying if I didn’t mention that taking home a trophy made the experience even sweeter!).  This festival inspires me to keep making films so I have an excuse to escape for a long weekend to Woodstock." – Gabriel Noble, co-director of Autumn Eyes

"I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to screen our film at Woodstock.  It could not have had a better experience. The community, film festival and the industry supported us 100% and I believe it was because your initial belief in the film.  Its people like you that make a difference for independent film.  Keep up the wonderful work and I promise to be back at Woodstock whether with a film or just to support your incredible festival!" Paola Mendozaco-director of Autumn Eyes

"Thank you both so much for having me in Woodstock! What an amazing, wonderful experience it was...just fantastic. I want to compliment your terrific staff for what has been one of the best festival experiences I've ever had. Whether my next film is finished in time or not, I'm looking forward to next year!" –John Mounier, director of Beyond Eyruv

"It was really a great festival experience.  The festival had the same sort of energy as SXSW...no bullshit...all about the films and the filmmakers. The atmosphere was really down to earth and the films were good. I’m excited to return soon." Andrew Neel,  co- director of  Darkon

"Thank you again for including us in the program.  We had a wonderful experience. Our Sunday screening was our best yet." Rachel Libert, director of Beyond Conviction

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful film festival time.  My screening was great, I saw some fine films and met some wonderful people. Thanks so much for having me as part of your festival."  Janet Baus, co-director of  Cruel and Unusual

"I just wanted to extend my gratitude for allowing us to be a part of the Woodstock Film Festival. I first attended the WFF 2 years ago just after we started shooting our film and it had long been my goal to be a part of the festival. The experience even exceeded my high expectations. I had a wonderful weekend. I saw a half-dozen inspiring films and attend a pair of panels that made me think about what to do with our documentary and how I hope to proceed with my second film. Anyhow thank you so much for selecting our film. I apologize if my email about that post-screening event complicated things for anyone (btw, I had a fine time at the party proper). As I was driving home, it occurred to me that “Fiercely independent” seems to suit Wetlands Preserved just fine as we make our way in the world with a grassroots team scrambling to share our story of a little club that could." – Dean Budnick, director of  Wetlands Preserved

"It was a pleasure to attend. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Thanks for everything."Andrew Walton, director of Arctic Son

"That was one of the best few days at a film festival I can ever remember!  WOW.  You should be SO proud of what you were able to put together...  everyone was raving about every aspect! I can't thank you enough for your generosity and for creating such an amazing forum for sharing such our creative spirit and for extending such a gracious welcome to me (and my family)!"  –Amy Gossels, 5G & juror

"Thank YOU! I really had a nice time, and The Mitch Show went terrifically.  What great audiences everywhere.  I thought the feeling of the festival was great -- obviously because so many people were putting so much love into it.  You really rounded up a huge workforce, and they passionately believed in what they were doing.  It was pretty amazing. So thanks again for giving me the opportunity to show my work." – Mitchell Rose, director of The Mitch Show

"Thank you! It was such a wonderful event! The packed house and sheer interest of the audience was enough to make our weekend phenomenal, but to be awarded was unexpected and an absolute thrill. You have put together one of the most interesting and important programs in such short time; it's no wonder that the attendance grows by leaps and bounds each year. I can't imagine how you are going to find enough room for all the extra people who show up in 2007, but I have a feeling you'll figure it out.And thanks for putting us in such a strong block of shorts. The diversity and depth of your selections were terrific, and it's humbling to be singled out from so many of the other amazing films I saw at your festival and know from other programs." Nick Childs, director, of The Shovel

"I just wanted to thank you for everything.  I had a great time at the festival.  I know you know this, but there is something about the combination of the place, the people and attitude that is incredibly refreshing.  I loved it!  I hope I have the honor of participating in your festival again soon. All the best to you and your staff!" Ian Olds, director of Bomb

"It was really fantastic ! Thank you so much for having us in your festival. We really enjoyed it. Too much fun in an amazing location. Pity I couldn't stay until the end. It rocked!" Ana Viana, director of Hopscotch

"We had a fantastic time in Woodstock this year! What a beautiful time of year to be in the Hudson valley. And, of course, the films were, as always, great. We also really enjoyed the BMI Music panel on Saturday. " Lisa M. Perry and Jessie Hutcheson (Sloane Road Productions), The Test

"The festival was such a great experience. We all had an excellent time. Again, thank you for finding a place for our 34 min. short, and programming it with 2 other complimentary and quality films. I'll be sending you a screener for the new short film once your submissions are open for next year. Congratulations on a such a successful fest! Zachary Sluser, director of The Retreat

"I had a great time at the festival, met a lot of interesting people, and really enjoyed seeing my film in front of an audience. All the hard work you guys put in to the screenings and panels and parties really showed and I was very proud to be a part of the whole thing. So, thanks again, hope to see you next year too!"Michael Gaylin, director of Intelligence

"Thanks for having me. I had a lovely time. I found the atmosphere relaxed, friendly and super accomodating! I really enjoyed my panel and the one that preceded on the state of independent filmmaking. I also appreciated the generosity of being allowed free screenings and panels for being a participant. that was just great and i took full advantage."Suzy Elmiger, panelist

"I can't thank you enough for your generosity and grace at this year's Woodstock Film Festival.  I had such a wonderful time!  Between the films and the parties and the hospitality suite, I really connected with old friends and made new ones, and created new professional relationships.  The A&E documentary brunch was a real treat as well, one of the highlights of my weekend. I am still floating from your festival, still moved by the amazing films I saw there and by the inspiring conversations I had." – Lisa Gossels, director of The Children of Chabannes

"We had such a wonderful time and received a terrific response from listeners.  Even better, we had so much fun! You put on an outstanding festival and it was such a pleasure to be a part of it.  We look forward to working with you again next year." Jennifer Nathan, WAMC

"As film reviewer, I've been covering the Woodstock Film Festival for the last five of its seven years. Every year the festival has gotten better and better, expanding its reach, yet remaining true to its independent character. The features range from the big budget, star filled Infamous to the cleverly conceived and edited shoestring production of The Orange Thief….this year, I was able to stroll Tinker Street with Wavy Gravy, as Matt Dillon and Rosie Perez arrived to present awards that evening and David Strathairn emerged from the screening of Steel Toes."Malley Bragg Heinlein, WDST

“If Sundance is the see-and-be-seen film festival, then Woodstock is the be and be entertained fest... They say if you remember Woodstock, you weren't there. If you remember the Woodstock Film Festival, you're glad you were there." – Germain Lussier, Times Herald Record

"The films we saw were excellent , the panels very informative. The entertainment law panel I attended was really informative… and insightful. The films were so very good that I always go away from the festival wishing there were a couple of me to see all you offer. It just keeps getting better!"  – Donna White-Davis, festival attendee

"One might think that New York City was where all the film action was happening in this state [NY], but since its introduction only four years ago, the Woodstock Film Festival is proving that isn't true. Since its founding, the event has made fast friends in members of the press and the film industry. It has also built a reputation as a festival with impeccable taste. With such advisory board members as Magnolia Pictures' Eammon Bowles, casting director Ellen Chenoweth, director-actor-producer Griffin Dunne, actor Ethan Hawke and United Artists' Bingham Ray supporting the cause, a trip to Woodstock certainly can't hurt your chances of making a few worthwhile industry connections." – Jennifer M. Wood, MovieMaker (from 20 Film Festival Worth the Entry Fee)

"Now in it's fifth year, the WFF is coming into its own as a cultural haven, weekend getaway for Gotham industry insiders and a significant event on the film calendar."Anthony Kaufman, Variety

"As it nears the five-year mark, Woodstock is becoming one of the most distinctive festivals on the circuit."  – Stephen Garrett, Time Out New York

"For over a hundred years, Woodstock has been a place of dreams and magic. It was a place of dreams for visual art, for crafts, for music, for popular music, for theater, for political philosophy, for alternative lifestyles and it is entirely fitting that Woodstock should become a place of dreams and magic for films at this time.'" – Elmer Bernstein, 14 time Academy Award nominated composer (2002)

"Salaama, Nikki, Meira and Joan and the rest of the smiling gang thank you for hosting me and three generations of family - we were all so moved by the beauty and the cheer and hospitality - and thank you again for the best awardI have ever won! Love,"  – Mira Nair, Honorary Maverick Award recipient (2004)

"This is a special place for films that need the kind of support that they may not find out in the big world of filmdom. Woodstock has that kind of soul to it."  – David Strathairn, actor, Blue Car

"The films here are wonderful, it's a great place."  – Lili Taylor,  actor,  Casa de Los Babys

"This is the place to be to show your movie."  – Gill Holland, Producer

"It's a wonderful festival." Liev Schreiber

"We're digging Woodstock, no doubt about it." – Benjamin Bratt, actor, Pinero

"There's no better place in the world to have its U.S. premiere than in Woodstock."Ethan Hawke, actor, Chelsea Walls

"It's an honor to have a film show at the Woodstock Film Festival because obviously this place has a very important reputation and a very important history in the arts. To have a movie show here is an honor entirely appropriate and I would try to bring any movie here."Tim Blake Nelson, The Grey Zone

"United Artists, we're a major sponsor now. We really believe in the festival. I've been to festivals all over the world. Woodstock, because of the town itself, it's a very mellow, very low key festival, but has really great films and really great people -- so young filmmakers getting their first screenings at a festival, be well advised to check Woodstock out. It's a great place." Bingham Ray, President of  United Artists (2003)

"Everyone takes good care of you, and it's really a pleasure. It's beautiful, and I hope the festival has more and more success."Peter Riegert, director, actor, screenwriter of King of the Corner

"You have done a great job of creating an intimate, yet sweeping and important film festival. Your staff is impressively efficient and warm, and I felt very well taken care of. It was a great weekend for my film as well. "Soldiers Pay" was well showcased and it was a great East Coast coming out for it. All of your hard work and efforts are well appreciated, and have paid off handsomely in one of the best film festivals I've attended."Tricia Regan, co-director of Soldiers Pay

"Thanks so much for a wonderful festival! Bela and I both had a fantastic time. Thanks for doing such a great job making it happen"Sascha Paladino, director of Obstinato: Making Music for Two

"Thank you so much for accepting "Elephant Shoes" into the WFF. We fell in love with your incredible staff, volunteers and entire town. Such a blast! Wish you all the very best and many more successful Festivals to come!"Christos Sourligas, One Man Band Films

"My only regret is that I wasn't able to hang around more. Congratulations on pulling off another great year." Jim Taylor, director and screenwriter of The Lost Cause

"I really enjoyed myself, saw good films, and loved the beauty of the Woodstock countryside."  – Pamela Yates, panelist

"Congratulations again on a stellar festival. You guys never disappoint in bring to my attention films that awe, inspire and move. Add that to a forum so conducive to meeting good people with similar interests and you have the formula for a truly great event."  – Stephen Hays, 120 DB Films

"The festival gets better every year thanks to your hard work and good taste. We are proud to have been a part of it since the beginning." Ike Phillips VP, 100.1 WDST

"I had a wonderful time in Woodstock. It was such a warm and friendly festival."  –Anna Gabriel, director of Growing Up on Tour

"Woodstock was amazing, keep up the good work."Tommy Davis, director of Mojados

"Thanks so much for screening my film. I plan on submitting more films!" – Neal Sopata of Bid Em In

"THANK YOU for having me there! I had a very good time and wanted to thank you and all your team for doing such a wonderful job! You are GREAT!"   – Signe Baumagne, Animation Programmer

"The festival was great and you and the rest of the volunteers and staff made the trip worthwhile. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place during the fall. Thank you for your warmth and attention to detail. I am looking forward to Arts Engine working with the festival more in the future." Kibra A. Yohannes, Director of Operations, Arts Engine, Inc.

"You are magnificent and I had the best time in Woodstock. I will start writing film so I can come back and participate in the film festival."Michael Nybrandt, actor, The Forbidden Team

"I had a wonderful time! Thank you for programming SPEAK!" – Jessica Sharzer, director of Speak

"Everyone was so wonderful, I really appreciated it. I heard time and time again from various filmmakers how well
they were being treated and how wonderful the festival is which I wholeheartedly agree."
Melisse Seleck, NYWIFT

"A sincere THANK YOU to you and Joan for such a wonderful experience at WFF!!! I cant tell you how much we appreciated you guys ironing out our sticky lodging situation. (Never again will I make arrangements for a 15 person caravan!) I look forward to attending WFF down the road as a guest, rather than a filmmaker, so that I have an opportunity to enjoy some of the other films -- what a fantastic array of films you guys had this year . Yours is a festival I will highly recommend to all my friends and colleagues. Congratulations on doing such an amazing job. It was an honor to be part of WFF."Nyla Adams, director of Amazing Grace

"Thank you so much for everything. I am very very happy about the award. The festival is awesome."Nina Davenport, director of Parallel Lines

"Wow. What a great festival you guys put on. I attended last year as a "civilian" and this year as a filmmaker. On both occasions I had a great time. Thank you so much. You are also easily the most organized of all the fests I have entered and been accepted into."Kevin Watkins, director of String

"I'm already working on my next project so I can submit next year to Woodstock FF!" Pedro Carvajal, director of POPaganda

"I just wanted to tell you that I had a fabulous time at the Festival and will definitely be back next year!  It was nice to meet you.  Please keep me posted on everything via email or otherwise. I also want to put in a good word for Nathan Bielkis (sp) who managed the Tinker Street venue.  He was so helpful and courteous, not only to me but to others.  It is workers like him that really make the Festival a fun time. – Ellen Geisel, full festival pass holder

"THANK YOU for the amazing job. You folks have the best festival!" –Ruth Sergel, director of Belle

"The Festival was a powerhouse. A lot of good connections were made for Markertek." – Mark Braunstein, CEO of Markertek

"Thank you for another astounding film festival. Every film, reception, event we and our friends attended was absolutely astounding. We look forward to a continued involvement in sponsoring and supporting (as well as attending) the Woodstock Film Festival. Thank you for giving us something to be extremely proud of as residents of the Hudson Valley. There is a wealth of gifted, talented, sensitive, hardworking, caring people and the Woodstock Film Festival has done so much to bring these elements and people together. You both have much to be proud of."Sherry and Rick, full festival pass holders

"I had a wonderful time and the panels were incredible. I really enjoyed myself. If you have the chance, could you extend a special thank you to Barbara - she went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with my lodging situation, and I don't have her email. I did want her to know that her kindness is sincerely appreciated. Woodstock is still the best film festival out there! Maybe I'll even see you next year, with a feature!"Todd Smith, director of Young Americans

"The Woodstock Film Festival was a wonderful experience for us." – Sean Bachrodt, producer of Unknown Soldier

"Thank YOU so much. We had a great time and hope to be able to work with you both again." Annette, producer of Admissions

"Thank you for inviting "Definition of Insanity" to your terrific festival. We had a great time, and our screnings went very well. Everyone at the fest made us feel really at home. You are an extraordinary group of people and I hope I can return soon with another film."Robert Margolis, Dirt Road Films

"Margot and I had a fantastic time and the reaction to our film were very encouraging. Everyone working for the festival was fabulous - congratulation on putting such a great team together."Thomas Halaczinsky, director of Don't Call it Heimweh

"Thanks so much - I had a fantastic time at the festival. I loved Woodstock and Saugerties so much that I'm actually thinking of relocating there!" – Diane

"It was the best one yet! I love being a part of what you have created and I'm in it for the long haul. I feel proud to have been there from the start. I love working with you and I feel like we have a great like minded and symbiotic relationship."Doreen Ringer Ross, BMI

"Congrats on another successful Festival and we look forward to next year." Gary H. Chetkof - President of  WDST/RadioWoodstock

"We had a great time and I will certainly send films that I think are appropriate your way. Congrats on a great fest!" –Liz Garbus, Moxie Firecracker Films

"Thanks for having me, the panels were really interesting. Jeanne and I had a great time and wished we could have stayed longer."Bob Berney, Newmarket Films

"Just wanted to tell you I had a great time at the festival - by far the most enjoyable and well organized I've been to all year." – Robert Stone director of Guerilla:The Taking of Patty Hearst

"We enjoyed the festival very much. Congratulations on your great success!"  –Steven Beer, Greenberg Traurig

"The festival was beautiful."Alan Hoffmanis, Programmer, Lake Placid Film Festival

"The audiences are very eclectic and they are really into watching movies of all genres. They also have questions that [one] just wouldn't hear at other film festivals... It's great because [one] gets to meet amazing artists and important industry supporters of independent film [and] all in this very peaceful setting." – Nisha Ganatra, director of Cosmolpolitan

"Woodstock was a great place for my film because it provided an intelligent and eager audience of arts-lovers. The whole weekend, I bumped into people around town who had seen my film and wanted to share their thoughts on it." – Sascha Paladino quote to Indiewire

"You may certainly consider us as returning sponsors for next year's festival.  You have given Woodstock, once the Artistic Colony of the United States, the flavor and sense of significant culture, communication, and what should be an important part of each of our lives." – Sherry and Rick Gottschalk

"We thought this was a great venue for us.  It really sort of matches our brand because our readers are very sort of independent-minded trendsetters, not unlike the people participating in the festival." Natalie Kaye, Marketing Director at Organic Style Magazine

"Most third-year regional film festivals cannot count on an array of the film world's A-listers scurrying through local haunts, attending screenings, participating in panels or rockin' out at parties worthy of the Croisette, Yorkville, Park City, or Potsdamer Platz. To be fair, Woodstock, NY has some innate advantages. Its community unabashedly caters to creativity, and it has the money to indulge the vicinity's aesthetics and eccentricities. The lush mountainous terrain is a natural oasis for beleaguered New Yorkers eager for a weekend getaway. So the Woodstock Film Festival is quite a draw, and its solid line-up attracts a broad spectrum of the New York film community to the enclave that one participant called "the world's most famous small town." Indiewire

"The Woodstock Film Festival has honored its commitment with first class events, seminars, workshops and concerts that promote sustainable economic development on a multitude of levels."–Victoria Langling, Director of Markertek Fund

"Woodstock and film and music are just a natural fit if you think about the history of this place and the reputation that it has.  It's so cool that this festival exists.  I love coming here!"Doreen Ringer Ross, BMI

"We are delighted to be a sponsor of this years Woodstock Film Festival. This is our second year doing it and it's a wonderful venue for independent filmmakers and just people who love film."Susan DeCarava, Writer's Guild of America Eas

"It's a perfect place for a film festival -- Woodstock, come on! I mean it's amazing that it's only been three years. You would think it's as established as Telluride."  – Bingham Ray, President of United Artists

"We were thrilled with this year's festival.  The remarkable films and filmmakers, the knowledgeable crowds and the spirit of Woodstock all added up to a great weekend."Scott Lehmann, Promotion Director at Esquire Magazine

"I was very impressed with the coverage the festival generated. Congratulations on a wonderful event. We're looking forward to next year's festival! Thank you." Todd Garofano, Amtrak

"In it's fourth year, the Woodstock Film Festival was abundant in lively panel discussions, socially conscious films made by exceptionally young filmmakers and music-centered pics."  Gabrielle Mitchell-Marell, Variety

 "What can I say but WOW!!"James Hirtenstein, full festival pass holder

"In an ideal world (and Woodstock's denizens specialize in Utopian visions), these all-too-common celluloid celebrations shouldn't just give out-of-towners a chance to schmooze; they should reflect and enhance the communities that spawn them. And in that respect, as it nears the five-year mark, Woodstock is becoming one of the most distinctive festivals on the circuit."Stephen Garrett, Time Out New York

"The Woodstock Film Festival meshes true independent spirit with social awareness."Hollywood Reporter

"The festival really shows a lot of heart and passion and that is something that's really unique in the festival business and I really felt at home here. I had a wonderful time and I hate to leave."Bill Plympton, Animator

"The people!  The people are eager, they're open, they're smart, they're discerning, and they're watching my film'c hopefully they're going to like it!" Peter Hedges, director of Pieces of April

"My days consist of going to parties and sitting by the stream and writing and seeing great films and I'm just having a wonderful time. I love it!"Jennifer Elster, director of Particles of Truth

"They show fantastic art movies, and movies with a thought behind them, and movies with a kind of social consciousness which is perfect for Woodstock because it has a history of having such a kind of conscious."Marcia Gay Harden, actor, Casa de Los Babys

"Hands down the best festival I've been to."Patrick Downs, director of Broken

"We had a great screening yesterday. It's one of the best audiences that I've had for the film in all the festivals that I've been to with really great questions. It's been a really great festival. Excellent parties too, by the way. I hope I can come back with another film."Peter Mattei, director of Love in the Time of Money

"It was just the perfect outlet for Rising Low. It could not have been a better weekend."Mike Gordon, director of Rising Low

"I love this town and I love this fest. It's one of those festivals that you knew right when it started that it would become the Sundance of the east."  –Will Keenan, Director of OMC

 "It's an engaged intellectual town.  They had genuine questions. They asked about the future of Kosovo, not just [standard questions] like what was going to happen to the movie."  –Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, director of A Normal Life

 "This is such an intimate festival.  That's why I like it.  I got to meet Olympia Dukakis. I chatted with Lily Taylor.  I sat next to directors, and I debated editing strategies. This is the kind of festival where you can really get to know the people who come. So, it's my kind of place."  –Barbara Hammer, director of Resisting Paradise

"We've been to a couple other film festivals and hands down -- this is by far the best one where the community comes together and gets involved with everybody. I mean it's been an amazing adventure for us.  We've been here almost five days and we can't get enough of it.  I don't want to leave Woodstock!"  –Jonathan Walls, director of Playing For Change

"This was simply one of the best times of my life (regardless of the award)".Jarek Kupsc, director of Recoil

"What a great festival... I had a great time and I hope I'll have a reason to return next year. Maybe [with] a feature."Rick Mowat, director of Manhattan's Best Friend

"Connecting in with a music film into a town that has so many musicians and has such a history is great'c It's an amazing community up here." Lee Hirsch, director of Amandla

"I love this town and I love this fest. It's one of those festivals that you knew right when it started that it would become the Sundance of the east."  Will Keenan, Director of OMC

"This award is especially meaningful to me because like I always do, I sit in the audience and I watch the film and I was there yesterday afternoon at one-thirty for a fabulous matinee and it was by far the most warmly received screening that we've ever had."Sean Welsh, producer of Spellbound

"I think I speak on behalf of everyone involved by saying thank YOU! having participated and loved the Woodstock Film Festival in the past, and having always considered it an absolute highlight of my year, (and the Icing on the cake that we break our backs for...)  I have to say that this year's lineup of films, events, industry turnout and enthusiasm was unprecedented-- and exceeded all of our expectations... the experience was extraordinary on every level..  thank you for making September so memorable for all of us!'" Amy Gossels, producer of Broken