Programming at the Woodstock Film Festival encourages those who use film as a way to explore social, environmental, and political themes, while challenging their inherent boundaries. In this year’s exposure program we proudly presented a lineup of films that represent the myriad challenges our world faces in these time of uncertainty, with the voices of our diverse planet and the heroes who dedicate themselves to changing the worldview against the status quo. Among others, the program includes Dreaming of a Vetter World, The Feeling of Being Watched, Ghost Fleet, Give Us This Day, The Interpreters, Personal Statement, and Somaliland.

Additional programming, including panels and year-round events, cover a broad range of socioeconomic and political topics. This year, there was a special panel discussion following the screening of Lessons From A School Shooting: Notes from Dunblane to discuss the issue of school shootings including Newtown and Stoneman Douglas High. 

By hosting exposure in a setting that has a longstanding tradition for social consciousness, the Woodstock Film Festival creates a natural progression by which programming can focus on matters that affect our lives and our world while seeking to heighten awareness and to stimulate dialogue and positive resolution.