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"It’s a festival that I always love coming to. l tell all my filmmaking friends, you gotta go to Woodstock. It's the most fun, it's a great atmosphere, the films are great and it's the perfect time of year to come."
-Rob Meyer, director, Little Boxes (2016)
"The Woodstock Film Festival continues to be the best! It encompasses all that is great about film festivals: New and cutting-edge talent, enthusiastic and engaged audiences, and a warm and welcoming vibe – all with the gorgeous Hudson River Valley as a backdrop. It's a must for filmmakers and movie."
-Barbara Kopple, Academy Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker

"It was a very inspiring night. All the independent spirit that was here touched me and inspired me. So thank you, Woodstock, for that, and I go home with some new energy."-Darren Aronofsky, Honorary Maverick Award recipient 2014

"I've been very fortunate and lucky...I have an Oscar, I have an Emmy, I have a couple of Sundance things and I pushed them over and I put that [Woodstock Film Festival] Maverick Award right in the middle!" 
-Leon Gast, Academy Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Woodstock: A Love Poem (2016)

"The Woodstock Film festival is among the finest of a dying breed: a festival that isn't trying to sell you anything, but simply and beautifully celebrating the art & craft of filmmaking."-Ethan Hawke, actor

"It's been really special to have all these cinephiles come together to celebrate in such a beautiful place." 
-Eden Epstein, actor, Blind (2016)





“We were blown away by the enthusiastic turnout and love how [the Woodstock Film Festival] allows the time and space for an extensive Q&A and discussion after each screening. With the many opportunities to network and collaborate with colleagues, Woodstock is truly a filmmaker's festival."
-Joseph Muszynski, director, Mahjong & the West (2015)

"Woodstock Film Festival: The best curated shorts program I've been to!"-Tim Guinee, director, One Armed Man (2014)

"After going to several festivals this year, I still think [the Woodstock Film Festival] is the best, friendliest, most congenial...and independent."-Gene Fischer, director, Passing Ellenville (2014)

"It's a great festival... It's what a film festival should be, which is really independent films and showcasing the work of filmmakers you might not know about, I love that, and Woodstock is a town that goes hand and hand with that. I can't think of another place that seems better suited to have an independent film festival than Woodstock."-Paul Rudd, actor

“The Woodstock Film Festival is always a pleasure to attend, and the talent that is showcased always amazes me. It's a wonderful and important showcase for any independent filmmaker.”-Steve Buscemi, actor, The Messenger (2009)

"Had a blast and can't wait to come back. Woodstock Film Fest is not a place to buy or sell films… it’s just a great place to watch them and talk about them with other indie film fans. It’s really pure in that way."
-Mark Duplass, writer/actor, Creep (2014)

"I'm really impressed with the audiences at this festival. They are very present, really intelligent, and emotionally rooted. It was nice to have a dialogue with them. It feels good. [...] So far, this seems like a great festival. It's my first time here in Woodstock. They just popped my cherry, so thank you."-Ben Foster, actor, The Messenger (2009)

"I love the fact that there is in Woodstock a film festival and I love the fact that it's now been for 16 years.And what it does is it opens the door to this art and probably to others as well..."
-Philippe Petit, subject of The Walk (2015)



“I first attended the 10th annual Woodstock Film festival with The Messenger in 2009 and I distinctly remember the feeling I had that night; it was a coming home of sorts to a bastion of independent thinkers and creative artists.”
-Oren Moverman, director, The Dinner (2017)

"The Woodstock Film Festival is a gift to filmmakers, film lovers and people in the film industry. Year after year, you program great movies, great panels and great music. I appreciate the festival's intimacy, in the charming town of Woodstock - and how engaged your audiences are."-Lisa Gossels, juror and filmmaker

"For its commitment to the independent spirit alone Woodstock remains one of the stand out festivals on the American circuit. Add to it the loose, completely genuine intimacy that permeates the whole event and you've got a fantastic festival. My experience there this year with Down In Shadowland was inspiring. I found audiences open, generous and keenly attentive to the films. This sensibility extends to the staff of the entire festival and I'm certain it comes from the top."  
-Tom DiCillo, director, Down in Shadowland (2014)

"'Fiercely Independent' means that you are permitted to make the film that you want to make, that you don't have to listen to the confines of a studio system or have other interests impose their vision over the kind of film you're making. It means that you and a bunch of spirited collaborators can go out and just share the story that you wish to put together...Without film festivals such as the Woodstock Film Festival, the level of filmmaking would just keep going down...[it's] what's keeping the spirit of indie filmmaking alive..."
-Gregory Bray, P.h.D, Digital Media, Film & Video Studies, SUNY New Paltz